Epoch Of Endless Winter

by Norrtröll

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Everything you see was made by me, Giovanni Mallia.


released May 1, 2015

Thanks to my friend Ronnie who has helped me with.



all rights reserved


Norrtröll Santo André, Brazil

17 Y, Single.

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Track Name: Intro
Get ready for Norrtröll CD
It's coming

I hope that you enjoy
Track Name: Warrior
Taught by the elders I was
A true experienced warrior
Fighting for my life
Willling to survive

With my Nagaalzar I kill
And with my shield I blow
Fortress of hell

I wander through the world
Discovering the unseen
I shall not perish
In this rotting earth
Corrupted by the evil

There is blood in my hands
And no mercy in my heart
I was born to start
The mighty apocalispse

The word that have been spoken
In the beginning
Is now coming true
The gates of evil
Are opening

The demons are escaping
The death is spreading
And I will
Fight for my life
Track Name: A Spirit (In Hell)
This is the evil spirit
Talking with your soul now
Cursing your filthy destiny

Listen, the sound of the falling spirits
The ones who died
Without the salvation
Now, forever damned
In the endless abysm

This is...
The confession...
Of a spirit...
The depths...
Ov hell
Track Name: Dark
Trapped, blinded, without chance to escape

I have been through nightmares
I was purely unaware
I can't handle this anymore
My muscles are all sore
Much worse than a war

It's so dark!
Like the ending of the life!

I can't handle this anymore
My muscles are all sore
Much worse than a war
Track Name: Aeterna Demissionem
Digni sunt morte
Digna sentiat dolorem
In iniustitia,
Nam eos qui blasphemaverat
Alii plerumque disparem
Eos adversus
In calore inferni
In profundum eorum vitas
In medio tenebris

Spero autem in malo
Rapere anima tua

Sic, quod suus eam
Non est ultra vobis sperare
Et tu ad finem
Et finis est
Quod odium Satanae
Translation :From evil ways
I came to bring death
The injustice
For those who cursed
Other people lifes
Those will face
The heat of hell
In the abysm of their lifes
In the midst of the dark

I hope the evil
Catch your soul

And, that's it
There is no more hope for you
You reached the end
And the end is
The hate of satan
Track Name: Judgement
The judgment is coming!

The end of the days!
The apocalypse!
As mentioned in the past!
This earth will face death!

All who doesn't believe, shall fall to the purest darkness...
The word have been spoken...

You will be judged!!!
Track Name: Satanae Exactis
"Exorcizamus te, immundus spiritus,
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incuriso infernalis adversarii,
omnis legio, omnis congredatio et secta diabolica…

Perditionis venenum propinare. Vade, Satana!
inventor et magister omnis fallaciae. Hostis humanae salutis.
Humiliare sub potenti manu dei. Contremisce et effuge.
Invocato a nobis sancto et terribile nomine. Quem inferi tremunt…
Ab insidis diaboli, libera nos, domine. Ut ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias,
libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos."
Track Name: Bloody Winter
Bloody winteeeeer!!!

Fools! Those who challenge me!
I am the imposing myth
No one shall defeat me
My knowledge goes first
Your innocence are being seek
By my elder eyes

Your flesh will be pierced
My piety is evil
As my willing to kill is bigger
Blood will be gushed
From your remains!

Bloody winter...

Bloody winteeeeer!!!
Track Name: Merciless

Lands covered in blood
Mercy won't be shown
Swords are clashing
Death toll astonishing

I seek for your weakness
Mercy won't be shown
Blood of evil
Splats in my face

Et finis ad sacrificium [In the end of the sacrifice]
Portae inferni [The gates of hell]
Patefacio [Opens]
Daemones ex tenebrarum [The demons of darkness]

Immitis, ego sum [Merciless, I am]
Morieris, fatuus [Die, stupid]
Gladio meo [{By} My sword]
Sanguine tuo exspuent [Your blood will gush]
Track Name: Et Maledico Ei, Sanguinis
I curse you!
Your succes is a matter of time
Till you get completely blind
I will kill you
Slowly, like a poison
My knives penetrating your body
You won't stand a chance
My sect is beginning
I can hear you begging
Lay and wait...

Et maledico Ei, Sanguinis!!!

Like a venom, so am I
I do my job form the inside out
I'm piercing your body with my tongue
As the evil master of the man
Capable of destroying anything
Et maledico Ei, Sanguinis!!!

Et maledico Ei, Sanguinis!!! (x4)
Track Name: Cold
Shrouds of darkness are calling me (Into the cold)
Frostwinds are binding me (Into the cold)
Why have you forsaken me (Into the cold)
Why can't you release me (Into the cold)

In sorrow I belong
Solitude is my home
The silence of this forest
The most beautiful tone
This hill
Where dead rest in peace

Embrace your loneliness

Shrouds of darkness calling me (Into the cold)
Frostwinds are binding me (Into the cold)
Why have you forsaken me (Into the cold)
Why can't you release me (Into the cold)